Growth and social investment pact 1 combines labor recruitment and general growth trainings

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The fourth largest city in Finland, Vantaa, has a special problem: there are many vacancies and unemployed jobseekers. The strange equation is because the skills of the workforce do not meet the needs of the labor market. This challenge is being addressed in the first GSIP model of the UIA project in Vantaa.

We need new thinking and services to support SMEs growth in local level 

The background to the Vantaa project is the concern about how changes in professional structures will affect the ability of the workforce and companies to cope in the future. The transformation of work increases the need for skills, and those who rely solely on primary education are at risk of being excluded from the labor market. The situation in Vantaa is particularly worrying, with 32% of the workforce having a low level of education.

The project is looking for new solutions for companies in the areas of recruitment, training of existing staff and digitalization through three GSIP models. The main target groups of the project are Vantaa labor force and Vantaa SMEs employing 20-200 people. 

First test phase has started

The first GSIP – model is now being tested in the SMEs. ”Recruitment and training of the workforce” combines new workforce acquisition with training and coaching services that promote general company growth. The main target group is companies whose growth is slowed by the availability of new labor. 

All companies entering the first test phase are required to have a recruitment need and an interest in possibly recruiting a person who is difficult to employ. The aim of recruiting new labor is to employ the unemployed with low skills and education. 

Growth actions are thematic trainings which improve local companies’ growth in general. Topics are such as communication, lean management and customer understanding, as well as various trainings related to, for example, corporate image, support the growth of companies. In companies, trainings are provided to those who need it; either just for management or for the entire staff. The trainings are organized by Metropolia and Laurea universities of applied sciences and the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce through learning platform and personal guidance.

Over 80 contacted companies – 30 test companies analysed

We have contacted about 80 companies, 30 of which wanted to test our GSIP – model. Companies appreciate the fact that the city supports them in recruitment and offers good training packages free of charge. Many companies today are interested in social responsibility. We help companies to identify their real needs and let them know what support is available for recruitment. For example, many companies do not have information on the various types of financial support available for employment.

Elina Salo, Project Coordinator

One of the test companies is Tokap Service Oy, a small family business established in 2009 that provides maintenance services to companies in various industries.

We have tried different ways, but there are just no electrician installers. Therefore, we decided to participate in the project. Two of our employees have taken advantage of the trainings provided through the project.

Kati Prähky, Office Manager at Tokap Sevice Oy.

The first test phase will end in spring 2020.

The article was originally published in the UIA Project News on February 4, 2020.