Personnel growth development– GSIP2 Learnings

Project Urban Growth – GSIP Vantaa addresses a socially important issue when it encourages companies in Vantaa to make social investments and grow responsibly. The purpose is to raise the competence level of the workforce in Vantaa, improve and increase employment in the region and support companies to grow responsibly.

Urban Growth GSIP Vantaa
Experiences so far from the Field

Download the Urban Growth GSIP Vantaa – Experiences so far from the Field! The publication contains 18 articles written by experts that are working on the project. The articles are about various topics and implementation of the co-development project.

GSIP Journal 2: get an update on Vantaa’s project

The Journal N° 2 concerns the implementation of the GSIP Project during 2020. It summarizes the findings of a multi-level analysis of key Project deliverables and first-hand experience of the Project life.

The need for skilled workforce has not disappeared

The Covid-19 pandemic has influenced greatly on companies across the world and Finland is not an exception. A survey made by the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce in 2019 showed that the lack of skilled workforce is acute, and a substantial amount of companies also considered it as an obstacle to business growth.

Modern models are needed for a certificate of competence

Certificates of competence have been of clear benefit in employment. But what would be the certificate model of the future and how would it be obtained? In employment services, the need for competence verification has been solved by building models for demonstrating competence in work activities and in authentic working environments under similar conditions in workshops.

Committed activity for the benefit of the company

In company YPR Yleinen Pohjarakennus Oy, common opinion is that competence grows through work. That is why the company has offered practice and summer jobs to students from different schools in the capital city region every year, but without success. The company joined the Urban Growth Vantaa project because the project was committed to advancing the company’s agenda.

GSIP Expert Journal 1: Get to know the project and what happened in the first 6 months!

In his 1st Journal, Gabriel Amitsis, UIA expert of the GSIP project, discusses all key activities that you need to know about it, what the project is about and how it approaches its innovative solution to develop a solid local jobs and skills agenda applying a labour market innovation discourse that interrelates innovation with inclusive business growth.

a Tale of Growth – InfoCare Oy

Information technology service provider, InfoCare Oy piloted a concept for itself and capital city region companies in Vantaa with which success in the markets now and in the future is ensured. InfoCare Oy is a partner in the Urban Growth Vantaa project.