Action proposals: Continuous Learning in SMEs Requires Regional Cooperation

The project’s action proposals reflect a strong need for closer cooperation between companies, cities and educational insti-tutions, because the competence development of companies requires the development of shared operational processes. The project’s tests showed that cooperation allows the education and training services to be customised to the companies’ needs. The same services can also help companies to commit to compe-tence development by making its benefits apparent.  

The project proposes that the recognition of different coopera-tive networks and supporting closer cooperation in them should be one of the focus points in Finnish competence development. Continuing to move closer to competence development in a continuous learning ecosystem is in everyone’s best interest.  

We propose that policymakers on the national level should inves-tigate suitable funding models to enable test programmes. Fin-land must also actively promote the competence development of companies on the EU level and be active in other international cooperation, such as through the OECD. 

Action proposal 1: Working adults need accessible educationand training services based on their needs. 

Action proposal 2: Cities should actively contact SMEsand chart their needs. 

Action proposal 3: SMEs need support to develop a cultureof learning at the workplace.  

Action proposal 4: The technological development of SMEs should be supported.