Digital tools

During the project, we developed Proofs of Concept (PoC) for digital tools to test the automation of the project services. The PoC approach entails a quick testing of a concept, and the aim was to see what the added value of such digital tools could be. We developed four PoCs, based on the GSIP services. These solutions aim to support socially responsible growth in companies.

The final products of our PoC development are implementation plans that include technical descriptions of the tools. We hope that others will make use of our experiences and develop the tools further. The implementation plans are available via the links below and they can be used and scaled up freely within Europe.

Personal Digital Coach

Personal Digital Coach is an application that provides support for reaching personal goals regarding competence development. It can also support apprenticeship training.

Competence Mapping

Competence Mapping is a portal that combines an employee’s profile with opportunities within the company. This helps an individual recognize their skills and consider how their competence could be developed. The availability of internal career paths makes it more likely that employees stay at a company.


Dashboard is designed to support a team that provides services for companies regarding company growth, recruitment, training of the employees, etc. Dashboard helps find the suitable service by combining information from several sources.


The chatbot maps out technical and business-related challenges that companies face by using an automated dialogue path. The chatbot can be used for customer acquisition, and it enables a needs-based and targeted approach for contacting potential customers.