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New Competencies for Growth 

Based on the lessons learned during the project, we have compiled the New Competencies for Growth publication to serve as an introduction to anyone interested in developing and supporting competence in SMEs. These lessons are useful for the management, HR, and employees of SMEs, as well as organisations interested in developing SME competence and supporting sustainable growth. 

The publication includes tips for supervisors on how to support learning, and it encourages companies to develop by managing competence. The digital tools that were developed during the project to automate and streamline competence development processes are presented. We also share the lessons we learned about co-creating solutions for companies’ competence needs. 

Part 1: Working adults and continuous learning 

Part 2: Succeeding in the development and management of competence 

Part 3: Digital tools supporting the processes of competence development 

Part 4: Supporting service design through co-creation