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Information technology service provider, InfoCare Oy piloted a concept for itself and capital city region companies in Vantaa with which success in the markets now and in the future is ensured. InfoCare Oy is a partner in the Urban Growth Vantaa project.

Development project for comprehensive know-how

InfoCare Oy came into the project as a partnering company to develop a company growth model. It is important for InfoCare’s activity that the knowhow of its personnel is constantly developing to meet the sector’s future challenges, as well as technological development. The purpose was to ensure that a well-trained workforce is available in the sector in the future, also. The company also recognizes the broad societal significance of the project, in which the growth of companies in Vantaa and the development of personnel’s knowhow is ensured.  

The continuous training of personnel makes a broader job description possible in companies in the future. Personal guidance was started with InfoCare’s ICT experts for finding appropriate training options. Supervision work was strengthened through leadership and company management special professional study apprenticeships and the project’s coaching.
The future success of a company is dependent on the retraining of the personnel and raising up of individual employee’s basic knowhow. At the same time, we ensure that there will be knowledgeable workers in the ICT field in the future, also. 

The project’s training services have been pressure-tested with us. The minimum prerequisites for future company growth and the challenges of the future are in the program. A company can develop, grow, and succeed only with knowledgeable and trained, as well as motivated, workforce. New practices have been born in the project cooperation, and we have dared to challenge old concepts. By grabbing on to this program, a company chooses the way to development and renewal.

Pete Brusi, CEO, InfoCare Oy, infocare.com


  •  Detailed training programs ensure the development of personnel knowhow
  • Personal training programs engage and motivate future professional
  • A company strengthens the development of its own activity and coping with the challenges of the future
  • The new practices between companies and learning institutions bring better results
  • A societally significant training program for municipalities, capital city businesses, and employees

The article was originally published in the UIA Project News on August 5, 2020.