Committed activity for the benefit of the company

Project News

In company YPR Yleinen Pohjarakennus Oy, common opinion is that competence grows through work. That is why the company has offered practice and summer jobs to students from different schools in the capital city region every year, but without success. The company joined the Urban Growth Vantaa project because the project was committed to advancing the company’s agenda.

Conversations regarding apprenticeship matters were started in the fall of 2019 with Vantaa’s vocational school Varia. In the summer of 2020, the company held an information session on the development of professional competence, in which five employees of the company participated. The employees were chosen on the basis of supervisor recommendations and the employees’ own consent.

At the beginning of September 2020, four apprenticeships have been formed and a fifth is in the works. The employees are studying for a bachelor’s degree in horticulture, a professional degree in local management, and a bachelor’s degree in construction.

It is beneficial to us to get competent folks to work for us and to the employees, that they gain enthusiasm to study further in accord with their own interests. Studying also gives a person the benefit that they are always a step ahead of the others, when they have gained some competency and in-depth knowledge is acquired. The fact that now we have many apprenticeship students at the same time is only a good thing because they receive support from each other. In addition, mixing their work assignments with each other has been considered so that their competence would be further expanded. The cooperation with the project has gone forward well and the system has been good and easy.

Roope Sirén, CEO, YPR Yleinen Pohjarakennus Oy,


  • The people’s motivation to do work and to take responsibility for the results of their own work noticeably grows.
  • The employees’ enthusiasm to study onward.
  • The company can employ professionals who meet its needs.