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Project News

In Optima Real Estate Services, operations were organized, expertise was put to maximum use, sales methods were reviewed, and goals were set even higher. A boost was received for the reforms from the sales coaching package and coaching services provided by the Urban Growth Vantaa project.

Optima Real Estate Services wanted sales coaching to support its growth. Through sales coaching, the company’s sales gained more tools to acquire new customers. Sales stories have been updated, more time is now spent preparing cold calls, and customer calls are being delved into more deeply than before.

Management coaching provided support for straightforward decision making in sales and service. Discussions during the coaching clarified the direction and perspectives regarding business opportunities were strengthened. In addition, management coaching developed one’s own management skills and at the same time enhanced the expertise already in-house. The cooperation between the educational institutions started with the help of the project also enabled the further training of property managers.

With the help of the coaching, it was possible to think more carefully about one’s own strengths in one’s own industry. SWOT analyzes performed with the coach contributed to the efficiency of the business and the threats identified in the analysis have been reduced. We sought help to strengthen growth through sales coaching. Management coaching broadened perspectives and discussions clarified the necessary steps. With the help of the project, we got in touch with educational institutions and staff training was started.

Jari Hyrkäs, CEO, Optima Real Estate Services – optima.fi


  • Coaching helped to clarify direction.
  • Business potential increased due to coaching.
  • Sales measures were strengthened in sales coaching.
  • The competence of the personnel is strengthened through further training.