GSIP Journal 2: get an update on Vantaa’s project

Project News

TEXT | Gabriel Amitsis

Despite the strong challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and their effect on the broader Vantaa economy and social fabric, the GSIP Project continues its journey as a flagship initiative of the City of Vantaa to develop a solid jobs and skills agenda during difficult times.

UIA Expert Gabriel Amitsis discusses the implementation of the GSIP Project during 2020 and highlights its major achievements and accomplishments. In this issue of the Journal, the Expert also focuses on the key external risk factor for the Project’s performance so far (i.e. the COVID-19 pandemic), analyses its impact on both the Finnish and the Vantaa labour market, and presents the innovative ways that Project Partners used to promote a balanced set of sustainable active employment measures (Growth and Social Investment Pacts) with strong social investment and growth objectives.