Competence Development and Management Support

Project News

It all started with a recruitment event in the winter of 2020. The GSIP project organised a tailor-made recruitment event for A-Kumppanit, which is a company taking care of property maintenance. The main purpose of the recruitment event was to recruit new employees to the company. The founder of the company, Jukka Haapaharju, actively participated the services and trainings offered by the GSIP project, as a generational shift had been planned in the family business soon. Jukka Haapaharju’s daughter Mari Haapaharju was ready to take over the managing director’s position.

A 14-year-old company understands the importance of staff and wants to invest in developing their skills. The project provided the company with information on vocational training and apprenticeship options. After the information session, Mari decided to start a vocational qualification degree in management and business administration, and two supervisors started to study a vocational qualification degree in production management and two employees a vocational upper secondary qualification degree in surface treatment.

In addition to the development of professional competence, the company has participated in coaching management training and competence for growth coaching, offered by GSIP project. With the help of the business coach, the smoothest possible transition in management responsibilities and improved communication skills at the managerial level were reached.

My father participated in management coaching and made the decision to retire. I announced my readiness to take full responsibility for the family business gradually. The apprenticeship information session was very well prepared and suitable trainings for us, which the supervisor was also excited about, had been selected in advance before the apprenticeship information session. From a generational shift point of view, the coaching presented a good view of leadership issues that need to be taken into consideration when the transition is being made. The lessons learned from the coaching was immediately available: I immediately introduced reverse goal discussions and prepared three-step processes. Communication exercises help to manage different conversation situations.

The services offered by GSIP-project have given me confidence and brought a new perspective to managerial issues. With the support of the excellent GSIP-coaches, I have found my own way to manage the company.

Mari Haapaharju, Managing Director, A-Kumppanit Oy


  • The eagerness of competence development spreads among the staff
  • With help of coaching, the company management recognised the benefits of generational shift
  • Communication exercises enhanced the mutual communication atmosphere
  • Coaching enabled a new perspective and confidence for managerial issues